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stay healthy eat good and dont get fat!

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Q: What are the ways of maintaining good physical health?
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How is mental emotional different from mental illness?

Mental and emotional health differs from mental illness in the same way that physical health differs from physical illness. You can be careful about your physical health, while you are healthy, by eating a good diet and getting regular exercise. You can take care of your mental and emotional health while healthy by eating a good diet, exercising, maintaining healthy relationships with other people, avoiding addictive substances and learning to express your emotions in positive ways.

Ways of protecting physical health in the office?

be well organised.

Does pharmacia mean witchcraft?

No, not necessarily. Pharmacia is like Ayurveda. Pharmacia is the western version of the eastern Ayurveda. It incorporates maintaining physical well being with natural resources (which is more a sustainable health than the temporary-relief/euphoria you get from Allopathic medicine). To be a successful practitioner of witchcraft, one has to be in good physical health. Therefore, the practitioners of Witchcraft prefer the ancient ways of properly maintaining physical health (by Pharmacia or Ayurveda). Practitioners of witchcraft can get extra benefit of Pharmacia by spiritually elevating the medicinal properties of plants. But that is not necessarily an integral part of Pharmacia. Pharmacia can be practised by anyone with proper knowledge of the botanicals and their effects on life, health and well-being. The eastern belief is that the knowledge of Ayurvedha was given to the humankind by a Diety "Dhanvantari"

What are to ways you could improve your physical health?

sleep well, eat well

Maintaining Your Mental Health?

Taking care of your mental health is an important part of overall health and wellness. Many people overlook their mental health and suffer as a result. Take time to de-stress, meditate and retain positive thoughts to stave off depression, anxiety and stress. There are many ways to keep your mind healthy, from engaging in physical exercise to volunteering, enjoying a hobby and using relaxation techniques. Maintaining your mental health is essential to enjoying an overall quality of life and remaining physically healthy.

In what way you can help develop good mental health?

You can help to develop good mental health in many ways. The most important ways are to be active, eat right, and meditate.

What is the meaning of mapeh subject?

Mapeh stands for Math, Arts, Physical Education, and Health.

How can expressing your emotions in healthful ways effect your physical health?

because if u get mad it can stress your brain.

What are the good qualities of good health individuals?

A person's wellness can be defined as the degree to which they express health and vitality in the physical, bio-chemical, and psychological dimensions of life. These individuals have the quality of constantly seeking ways to improve wellness--to get more out of life. This is very different from constantly wanting less of something negative.

What are the ways of having good health?

Eat vegetables, go out and walk. That's what I do!

How can expressing your emotions in healthful ways improve your physical health?

because its not healthy to keep all bottled up inside.

Are tibicos good for your health and if so what are the benefits?

Yes the are good for your health. It can help in many ways like multiples red blood cells and increase of size in penis.