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Similar to both, Health and Wellness, is to achieve the main goal, the absence of pain, disease or illness. And more than this, Health and Wellness assist each other, leading to mental and physical health, well being, vitality and a perfect harmony of body and mind.

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In its most generic meaning, "health" simply indicates a neutral description of a person's state of physical and mental well-being, since it includes aspects of both good and bad health. Wellness signifies the positive aspects of a state of health which usually extends beyond "lack of disease" to include the active presence of positive factors including preventative lifestyle modifications, beneficial dietary and activity habits, and appropriate monitoring of risk factors based on age and family history.

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Q: What are the similarities of health and wellness?
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There are many similarities between health and wellness to choose from. One such similarity is that they both represent the overall state of the individual

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The health and wellness of our students is a high priority.

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Wellness is keeping a balance among the three elements in the health triangle

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Health and wellness information can be found at almost every local health clinic or hospital. Another great resource for health and wellness information is the library.

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they are part of health

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