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Some Guys tend to pick on girls they like to look cool in front of their friends

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Q: What are the not-so-obvious signs that a guy is flirting with you when he's popular and too cute?
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What does it mean if you are flirting heavily with one of your guy friends and the guy you like has been showing almost all of the signs he likes you back and now is staring at the two of you?

He is either wondering why; after showing almost all the signs he likes you back, you are now flirting with someone else or he thinks the two of you look cute together.

How do you know if someone flirting with you?

if they are constantly staring at you or they say how cute you are

What does it mean when a guy tells you you have a cute ol smile?

it means the thinks your pretty and cute, hes flirting with you.

How do you know if someone is flirting with you?

Some signs that someone may be flirting with you include making prolonged eye contact, using playful or teasing language, mirroring your body language, and finding reasons to touch you. Pay attention to their behavior and see if there is a pattern of these types of interactions.

If a guy teases you in a cute funny way then he runs to get you to chase after him is he flirting with you?

It means he likes you at least. =]

Why do guys think it's cute when girls giggle a lot?

because giggling is used as a form of flirting

Are Scorpio boys cute in middle school?

They're no more or less cute that the other signs.

What does it mean when a guy pokes you in on the side of your stomach?

They're just flirting with you, they think your cute! Poke them back if you like them! :)

What is real flirting?

Real Flirting is things such as eye contact, cute words or sayings, touching in a playful way. She may toss her hair or play with something if she is a nervous flirt, he may have voice cracks or even stutter. These are both good signs because it shows that both are nervous around each other because they like each other and want to leave a good impression. :) Flirt away.....

What is the most popular type of anime?

Cute girls doing cute things.

What it when a guy say you mad cute?

When a guy says you're "mad cute," he is expressing that he finds you very attractive or endearing. It is a casual way of complimenting your appearance or personality.

What does it mean when a cute girl act mean but when you alone you kiss?

She wasn't being mean to you...she was flirting. If you guys kissed, she obviously likes you.