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releave pain, BUT there is still damage being done to you, cannibis has been proven to help cancer pain.

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Q: What are the good effects of cannibis?
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Which marijuana plant causes the most hallucinogenic side effects?

Cannibis stativa. While cannibis indica isa more glued to the couch feeling.

What is another name for cannibis?

no other name for cannibis x

Why is cannibis bad for you?

its not

Who invented cannibis?

Cody Tyler Calloway of Knoxville Tennessee discovered the cannibis in the early 30's.

What effects do cannabis have on your body?

Cannibis-is a drug in ciggerates as well as a drug that you can sell (which is ileagel) this could kill you if not would stay in your body for a long time and block your blood vessels

Why is cannibis ileagal?

Because it can give you hallucinations

What was imperialism like in India?

its the casual cannibis.

Who is Kid Cannibis?

Kid Cannibis was a super hero better known as Alex Nelson. He was originally an ordinary dope dealer until he was bitten by a radioactive nug of weed and became Kid Cannibis. Dis nig was physically a true OG kush killer. SINCERELY, DAT NIG Sylvia.

What is the proper name for marijuana?

Hemp, Cannibis Sativa, Cannabis Indica.

Is niacin helpful for cannibis detoxification?

No, that is just a stoner bs myth, it does not work.

What are the good effects of smoking weed?

there are no good effects.

Good effects of drugs?

There are no good effects. So get owned!