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being stupid for sniffing ibuprofen

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Q: What are the effects of snorting IP465?
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Is IP465 short for ibuprofen?

what is ip465

What effects will you get by snorting a loratab?

The same as taking by mouth it just hits you faster by snorting them

Does ip 465 get you high?

does ip465 get you high

What is the effect of snorting buspirone?

The effects of snorting buspirone are much like snorting "X". You may expirience some heartbeat skippage, but other than that it's legit.

What are the side effects of snorting 800mg ibuprofen?

stinging nostrils?

What are the effects of snorting Viagra for women?

it is bad side effect for pregnancy

What does snorting pills do to your brain?

Snorting medications triggers the brain to increase heart rate, pulse, and other metabolic reactions. The main problem with snorting pills is not the effects on the brain as much as the effects of the noses lining. When you snort pills you ultimately damage the walls of your nose and your sinus cavities.

What are the effects of snorting barr 323 25?

dirty drug addicts, get help...

What are the effects of snorting celebrex?

you get a nice "little high" for about 10 minutes, then you feel sleepy.

How long after you snort cocaine will you see effects?

Snorting it should be instant, so the effects should happen as soon as u snort it.

What are side effects of snorting three lines of MDMA with alcohol?

Increase in cardiovascular side effects. Mixing alcohol with any stimulant will do this

What different effects will you have if you snort percocet apap 5 325mg than take it orally?

5 mg of Percocet is very weak. Snorting it won't make much of a difference, even if you can fit it all in your nose. Snorting drugs always enhances the effects, however.