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Snorting medications triggers the brain to increase heart rate, pulse, and other metabolic reactions. The main problem with snorting pills is not the effects on the brain as much as the effects of the noses lining. When you snort pills you ultimately damage the walls of your nose and your sinus cavities.

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Q: What does snorting pills do to your brain?
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Will snorting diet pills get you high?

Yes, although it won't do anything for you.

How long does it take to get high from snorting pills?

WikiAnswers does not answer this sort of question. Snorting pills is :- 1) illegal 2) dangerous to your health (you could die)

How does ecstacy enter the body?

Orally, nasally (snorting pills), or rectally ("plugging" pills).

Can snorting pills make you have bloody noses?


Will snorting pills make them leave your system quicker?


What is non psychoactive drugs?

A substance that does not affect the brain or cause changes to mental processes. Examples include non-psychoactive hemp (for snorting), diet pills, and antibiotics.

Do taking pills and snorting pills give you the same effect?

yes, but snorting them brings the effect faster and stronger. don't go killin' yerself now. Ya hear? take it slow.

Will snorting protein make your brain stronger?


How long does any type of zanex pills stay in your system after snorting them?

normally 2-4 days, doesnt matter whether you take them orally or snorting them.

Does snorting pills have same effect as swallowing?

Yes, but it enters the bloodstream much quicker.

How can pills be abused if they are under a doctors prescription?

easily by taking to many snorting them or injecting them

What can you do about lung pain from snorting Oxycontin?

Snorting pills is dangerous. The pill dust/peices can be lodged in the lungs and provide a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. It can be fatal. If you have been snorting pills and you are having lung pain, go to your doctor or an ER and get a chest X-Ray done!!!! It's DEADLY serious. You can crash quickly!