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There are quite a few differences between a healthy person and an unhealthy person. A healthy person is someone who is fit, in good shape, not ill, and overall good condition. An unhealthy person is overweight, out of shape, diseased, and not doing well.

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Healthy Food: Food that is helpful to the body. Examples of healthy food include: fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. These are best eaten raw (ie fruits or vegetables) or cooked (ie meat) with minimal previous processing.

Junk food: Food that can harm rather than help the body. Examples are: chips and other fatty foods. None of these foods are part of a healthy meal because of the processing necessary to make them crispy, salty or sweet.

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HEALTHY vs PHYSICALLY FITOne of the similarities is that your life habits are on the right path,because how can you be physically healthy when all you do is sit on your butt and eat junk food. And how can you be healthy when all you do is eat junk food and that's it.

Differences are physically fit person works out or go the gym or just does some kind of exercise that is acceptable not just walking to the mailbox and back and a PHYSICALLY FIT PERSON ALSO eats right.

A healthy person eats right and works out but eats right more.

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Some Foods are healthy from food-market.

And some foods are unhealthy from food-market.

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Q: What are the differences of a healthy to a unhealthy person?
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