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it's unclear whether by "social loafing" you mean people who do not socialize much, or people who do not work much--and therby rely on society for support.

Note: To clarify (but not to answer, as I'm not well-versed enough), "social loafing" is the phenomenon where someone who's usually productive on their own starts slacking whenever they're in a group.

Hope that helps.

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Q: What are the Causes of and cures for social loafing?
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What is social loafing?

Social Loafing is the phenomenon of people exerting less effort to achieve a goal when they work in a group than when they work alone.

When is a teenager most likely to be a social loafer?

If a group is larger than it needs to be it can lead to social loafing. Check a group communications text for more info on social loafing and group dynamics/communication

What is the standard definition of social loafing?

Social loafing is the occurrence where people in a group setting appear to exert less effort in completing a goal or task. This is seen as a diffusion of responsibility amongst the members.

What are the steps to reduce social loafing?

Steps to reduce social loafing might include assigning specific jobs to each person rather than allowing them to work together as a team. Also, confronting the social loafer can help to correct the behavior.

What is the conscious or unconscious tendency of people to do less work in a group?

Social Loafing

What is the conscious or unconsciou tendency of people to do less work when in a group?

Social Loafing

Social loafing is less likely to occur when?

people know that their individual contributions will be recognized.

Social loafing is more likely to occur when?

the task is simple and no individual recognition will be given

How can a coach get his football team to proform better if he suspects they are exhibiting social loafing?

grade their individual performances

Why can social loafing have such a negative impact on the work of a group?

Social loafing can be detrimental in a business environment. While it is good for employee morale to have some degree of opportunity for socializing, it can severely impact productivity if the privilege is abused.

When was Creative Loafing created?

Creative Loafing was created in 1972.

What can a manager do to discourage social loafing in a group?

Assign specific tasks to group members and hold them accountable for their performance