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  • It causes loss of balance and poor reaction times. That's why it is dangerous to drive after drinking.
  • Alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream, physically affecting the whole body.
  • people become aggressive and emotional after ' a few drinks'. Weight gain. Alcohol is not water. A beer has about 150 "empty" calories that provide few if any nutrients
  • Alcohol is a depressant which acts on the control centers of the brain to depress them.
  • It can cause you to vomit and feel rather sick.

short term side effects (you may not experience all effects listed): hangovers, sleepiness & its opposite- insomnia, headaches, gut aches, puking, craziness, anger, loudness, stupidity, lowered inhibitions, slower reflexes, stumbling around, thinking you have happiness(but you really dont)
long term: Alcoholism, embarrassment, loss of friends and hobbies, kidney diseases, heart burn, & many other health related problems.......

Having sex which may be unwanted, and not using a condom :/ be safe xxx
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(g/100 ml of blood

or g/210 l of breath) Stage Clinical symptoms 0.01 - 0.05 Subclinical Behavior nearly normal by ordinary observation 0.03 - 0.12 Euphoria Mild euphoria, sociability, talkitiveness

Increased self-confidence; decreased inhibitions

Diminution of attention, judgment and control

Beginning of sensory-motor impairment

Loss of efficiency in finer performance tests 0.09 - 0.25 Excitement Emotional instability; loss of critical judgment

Impairment of perception, memory and comprehension

Decreased sensitory response; increased reaction time

Reduced visual acuity; peripheral vision and glare recovery

Sensory-motor incoordination; impaired balance

Drowsiness 0.18 - 0.30 Confusion Disorientation, mental confusion; dizziness

Exaggerated emotional states

Disturbances of vision and of perception of color, form, motion and dimensions

Increased pain threshold

Increased muscular incoordination; staggering gait; slurred speech

Apathy, lethargy 0.25 - 0.40 Stupor General inertia; approaching loss of motor functions

Markedly decreased response to stimuli

Marked muscular incoordination; inability to stand or walk

Vomiting; incontinence

Impaired consciousness; sleep or stupor 0.35 - 0.50 Coma Complete unconsciousness

Depressed or abolished reflexes

Subnormal body temperature


Impairment of circulation and respiration

Possible death 0.45 + Death Death from respiratory arrest

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Depending on how much was consumed, and your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), you can suffer a range of mild to potentially life-threatening side effects, including:

Mild Side Effects

-Overall improvement in mood

-Increased self confidence

-Inhibited Judgement ("Beer Goggles")

-Balance difficulty

-Delayed reactions

Severe/Life-Threatening Side Effects

-Lapses in consciousness

-Vomiting (death can occur upon inhalation of vomit)

-Decreased Heart Rate

-Respiratory Depression (Hypoventilation)

-Death by alcohol poisoning

-Depressed reflexes


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Alcohol is a depressant, meaning that it slows the work of the central nervous system. Its short term effects include slurred speech, blurred vision, delayed reaction time, and fatigue.

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Impairment of motor control, loss of short term memory, nausea, euphoria, drunkeness, loss of inhibition, loss of good judgement. These are a few of the effects.

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  • Distorted vision, hearing, and coordination
  • altered perceptions and emotions
  • impaired judgment
  • bad breath; hangovers
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You might fall asleep, feel dizzyness, and do dumb things that might even lead to death.

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Q: What are short term effects of alchohol?
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