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The 3 most common short term effects of the sun is sunburn, headache, and fatigue. The short term effects last from hours to several days.

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Q: What are the short term effects of the sun?
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What are harmful effects of UV rays?

Sun burns are short-term effects. Cancer of the skin could be long-term effects.

What short term effects can uv exposure have?

Short term effects can be rashes, itchiness, dryness and sunburn.

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Short term

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No, it also has short-term effects.

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What are the short term effects of human papilloma virus?

The short-term effects of HPV are minor or negligible. Genital warts may occur, but most people infected have no short-term symptoms.

What are the short term effects of concentration on sports performance?

The short term effects of concentration are success over a short period of time in a specific sport. ye? safe

What are the short term effects of breast cancer?

Short term effects:=Death, Loss of Hair,weaker immune system, loss of weight=

Does alcohol only have long term effects?

No, it has both long term and short term effects. One short term effect is that it makes you drunk and unable to drive a vehicle safely.

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