What are nitrosamines?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Any of a class of organic compounds with the general formula R2NNO or RNHNO, present in various foods and other products and found to be carcinogenic in laboratory animals.

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Q: What are nitrosamines?
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What Vitamin to prevent nitrosamines from forming?

vitamin c

One of the main substances in tobacco smoke that causes cancer is?


What brand of chewing tobacco has highest amount of nitrosamines?

"NaTongadaMironga" and "Dokabuletê" have the highest amount.

Do amines and nitrates cancel each other in the stomach?

Amines + Nitrates/Nitrites = carcinogenic nitrosamines

Is it a physical or chemical change when meat blackens when cooked too long on a BBQ?

Both occur. The physical change is obvious and certain chemical compounds called nitrosamines are created in cooking meats to that stage. Nitrosamines are suspected possible carcinogens.

What is nitrosamine effects on the human body?

There are current studies that suggest that certain nitrosamines are linked to cancer (Bladder, Intestines) or Gastrointestinal problems

Best beer if you are low on money?

If best means healthy, Coors, it is cold-processed, no nitrosamines. if best means taste, there are no cheap good tasting beers. db

True or False reheated leftover spinach can be dangerous to eat?

False:Until recently it was assumed that re-heating of spinach and other leafy vegetables was dangerous, due to the formation of these nitrosamines. New research has shown that the concentrations of possible toxic nitrosamines is not as high as assumed. It is thus not dangerous to re-heat leafy vegetables. The only drawback is the (additional) loss of vitamins and other nutrients during re-heating, but this is not a food safety concern.

Why does there have to be saltpeter in cigarettes?

WHATEVER you do , don't smoke cigarettes and eat processed meat in time closeness or you will be making the cancer catalyst nitrosamines . ( thanks to Salt Peter in cigarettes )

What is in cigerets?

Tobacco smoke is a mixture of gases and small particles made up of water, tar and nicotine. The tar is a messy mixture of hundreds of toxic chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer (for example, nitrosamines, benzpyrene). for more information go to this website.

What is more healthy to cook food with gas or charcoal grill?

ANS1:The charcoal provides you with more nitrosamines and the residues of the gasoline you used to light it. I'd go with propane. ANS2:The charcoal provides less fossil fuels than gas.(just that tiny bit from your lighter) I'd go with charcoal.

Are nitrates in kosher hot dogs?

Sodium nitrite is actually the chemical added in hot dogs, not sodium nitrATE. Sodium nitrite is added to pork and other meat products as a preservative to allow it to remain fairly pathogen-free on its way to distant markets. Not all kosher hot dogs are nitrite-free, so you have to look at the ingredients. Most hot dogs have sodium nitrite, though. The problem with nitrites is that they are converted to nitrosamines in the body...and nitrosamines are very carcinogenic. The simple reason why we don't get cancer after eating a hot dog is because we have DNA repair and regulation mechanisms in our cells that prevent cancers and DNA damage. However, over time, as damage accumulates, those repair mechanisms break down and become less effective, leading to increased probability of cancer.