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Were texting… blah blah blah

Me- I am listening to dance (a**) remix. Again. Boy how big is your?

Him- ------------------------------------------

Me- Oh, WOW! Can you send me a pic?/ you know your thing. Send me a pic.

Him- (pic)

Me- Awesome! Can not wait until summer when you come over! Maybe we could play with that big boy!

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Q: What are nasty things to tell to your boyfriend?
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Why do your boyfriend tell you he going to give you a nasty spanken?

He's probably joking

How can you tell of your boyfriend like your kids?

You can tell your boyfriend likes your kids by he saying nice things or giving them gifts

What are things you can say to your boyfriend to make him happy?

Tell him he is so reliable

How do you get boyfriend bad company achievements?

You have to be nasty of course.

Do you always have to tell your boyfriend everything when you know you can handle certain things by yourself?


Why would your boyfriend dump you and tell you that he needs to figure things out for himself?

Your Boyfriend doesn't know which to choose. You. Or someone else..

What if the boy you like watches nasty things on the computer?

Well, first I would talk to him, and tell him to stop, because it is disrespectful. Then, maybe give him a chance to stop watching nasty things. Then if he doesn't, it could be a demonstration of his disrespect for you and your feelings.

What should you do if you cheated on your boyfriend with your ex?

First off, tell your boyfriend. Second, you need to think about if you still want to be with your boyfriend and get things straightened out between you two.

What do you do when x boyfriend send you nasty messages?

Say sorry and ask if there is anything you can do to make it up or ignore him and change your address (and don't tell him) maybe that would work...

What are the things that you hate your parents to do?

I hate it when they tell me I can't have a boyfriend and they treat me like a child.

What are things not to tell your girlfriend?

defiantly NEVER!!!! tell her she is fat. my boyfriend did that once and he was gone like last weeks food.

I'm very young so nothing nasty me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time and were going bowling tonight how can I flirt with him?

compliment him and say good things about him