What are good self harm sites?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Are you looking for good websites that help cutters or that are for cutters?

Check out and Scar Tissue

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Q: What are good self harm sites?
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What is a good self harm support site? Physiologist have Recommended it to me and they do help you

Is self harm a good persuasive speech topic?

Yes, but be clear about what you are persuading people to do.

You miss your ex so you started cutting yourself should you get help is there a website somewhere i need help before i cut again?

Self harming once or twice is not in of itself a bad thing, but if it develops further it can turn into an addiction, with the self injuries becoming more frequent during times of self harm, and more severe. If you have begun to self harm, you should seek help regarding it immediately. The act of self harm may seem like a good coping method, and at first may not seem like you are causing serious harm to yourself, but once you become dependent on it, it can be very difficult to stop. In the related links section below, a list has been provided for those seeking aid from self harm. Please refer to it if needed. There are also many support sites which have not been listed, but can be made accessible through Google Search.

Can self harm come from sexual frustration?

People inflict self harm for various reasons so not everyone would experience self harm due to sexual frustration but some people may.

What is another name for self harm?

Self-injury or self-mutilation.

Is Self equals Harm an addiction if you think about it a lot but I do not self-harm?

Self harm is something that some people do to hurt themselves in various ways. Self harm can become an addiction, or be an addiction even if a person doesn't hurt themselves. If they think about it often, or research it constantly, it might be an addiction.

What is considered actual cutting?

Well, mine is that if there's no blood, it's only scratching, but that doesn't mean it's any better than 'real' cutting. They're both self-harm, and self-harm isn't a good thing.

Is Self harm is bad?

Yes, it's obviously not good. But it is not immoral and the sufferer should not be frowned upon or isolated. They just need help.

Is self harm caused by disfunctionalism?

No it is caused by low self esteem and it is most common in 13-18 year olds and especially in girls. 1 in every 200 girls self harm and 1 in every 4000 boys self harm.

What is chicken SCRATCH?

Chicken scrach can mean lots of things like embroidery or self harm. I use the term chicken scratch when I'm talking about self harm or scratching your self. If your mates give you a chicken scratch its not counted as self harm but if youdi it to your self it is. And i dunno about the embroidery:L

Is Self Harm an addiction if you think about it a lot but do not do it?

An addiction is something that a person doesn't think they can live without. Thinking about self harm, looking up information on it, or consistently showing interest might mean it is an addiction, even if you do not self harm.

Is Self defense a good or bad thing?

Self defense is necessary in the event that someone or somethings is trying to harm you. It can be an important skill in the event you are in need of protection from an attacker