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Hormones..keep your penis/kookah away. You can control that.

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Q: What are controllable factors in a relationship?
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What is the difference between controllable and uncontrollable risk factors?

Controllable risk factors are those that can be managed and lessened or reduced. Uncontrollable risk factors are like Acts of God.

What is the definition of Risk Factor?

controllable risk factors

What are some controllable risk factors?

Food washing

What is the definition of uncontrollable risk factor?

controllable risk factors

What are examples of controllable factors in business?

Owners, Employees, Customers and Managers.

What are controllable and uncontrollable factors in International Marketing?

1.Controllable factor or often called as "Marketing Mix".Now a days it remember as "4P's" It includes: Product,Price,Place and Promotion. 2. Uncontrollable factors are often called as "Environmental Factors" it includes: Political factors, Economical Factors, Social Factors, Technological Factors, Competitive forces factors Regulatory forces factor

How do you discuss an economic factor?

for an organization economic factors mean factors which affect the organisation policy decision.some factors are controllable & some are uncontrollable

What are lifestyle diseases?

controllable risk factorsdiet and body weightdaily levels of physical activitylevel of sun exposuresmoking and alcohol abuseuncontrollable risk factorsagegenderethnicityheredity

What is the Relationship between soil and biotic factors?

what is the relationship between soil and biotic factors.

Is payroll cost a controllable cost?

payroll is not controllable cost.

What is a sentence for the word controllable?

I have several sentences for you.That horse is not controllable.The scientific variable is controllable in the laboratory.I want a controllable temper!

What is the relationship between the numerators of the factors and the numerators of the product?

The relationship between the factors and the product is that they are both fractions.