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Make on National Parks and wildlife santuries

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Q: What are all the working models for the topic community health and environment?
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water conservation

What has the author Melanie McEwen written?

Melanie McEwen has written: 'Theoretical basis for nursing' -- subject(s): Nursing models, Philosophy, Nursing, Nursing Theory 'Community-based nursing' -- subject(s): Community health nursing, Health promotion

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working models for energy conservation are:- * * * * *

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the models of a social group work are 1. Social goals model 2. Rahabination model 3. Reciprocity model

What is MATCH multilevel approach to community health?

MATCH (Multilevel Approach to Community Health) is an ecological planning perspective that recognizes that intervention approaches can and should be aimed at a variety of objectives and individuals. (B. Simons-Morton, personal communication, October 10, 1999) Generally it is one of the main models for program planning in health promotion. There are 5 phases in this model.

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By hand

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Graham B. McBride has written: 'Feasibility of bathing/health effects study for New Zealand freshwaters' -- subject(s): Bathing beaches, Health aspects, Health aspects of Bathing beaches, Pollution, Standards, Water 'Mathematical models of the flow phenomena associated with the discharge of sewage or waste heat into the marine environment' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Thermal pollution of rivers, lakes

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about cylinder