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1) triglycerides (fatty acids) (2) Phospholipids (similar to triglycerides) but contain phosporus and 3) sterols (cholesterol)

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Q: What are 3 classes of lipids found in the body?
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Name 3 classes of lipids found in the body and in foods?

Triglycerides, Phospholipids, and Sterol

3 classes of lipids?

sterols, glycerides, and sphingolipids

What are 3 classes of dietary lipids?

Neutral fats, Phospholipids, and Steroids.

How many classes of energy supply the body?


What are the 4 major classes of biomolecules?

The four major classes of biomolecules are carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. These biomolecules are essential for various biological processes in living organisms.

What are the there main types of lipids?

Lipids are of following types 1; fats oils triglycerides 2; phospholipids 3; waxes 4 : terpenoids. 5 Spingolipids.

When are four groups of organic compounds found in living things?

The four groups of organic compounds found in living things are: 1. Carbohydrates 2. Fats (lipids) 3. Nucleic acids 4. Proteins

What are the three uses of lipids in the body?

Lipids produce fats, oils, and waxes in your body.

What 3 elements are found in all four classes of macromolecules?

The four main classed of macromolecules are Proteins, Sugars, Lipids and nucleic acids. Carbon is an element found in all classes. In protein it part of at least the carboxylic acid of the amino acid and the ever present alpha carbon. In Sugars carbon always form the backbone and the same in lipids. In nucleic acid carbons are found in the sugar moiety as well as the nitrogen base. Hydrogen is also always present - quite trivial. Oxygen is also trivial for all. Nitrogen is found in all proteins, all nucleic acids some sugar derivatives and very seldomly in lipid.

What element is found in proteins but not in carbohydrates and lipids?

None. They all have carbon and hydrogen in common. Proteins also contain nitrogen, but so do many lipids (for example phosphatidylcholine).

How much weight will you lose if you took 3 spinning classes in a row?

To answer this question, we need : 1. Your body weight 2. the average power output during the 3 classes 3. Time effort

What organ manufactures the 3 types of lipids?

The three of types of Lipids are: 1. True Fats 2. Phospholipids 3. Steroids