What age do you trim a girls pupic hair?

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umm lol well whenever its really hairy.

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Q: What age do you trim a girls pupic hair?
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What age do girls get hair on their pussy?

10 years old

You are a male and at 9yrs of age and you have pubic hair around your private areas are you going through puberty?

Yes, pupic hair is a sign of puberty. The age of passing puberty is very different from person to person, and you're probably one of the early ones. That is no problem or anything, it's jut what it is. So yea, you're passing the early stages of puberty right now.

At what age does private hair grow on a girls?

It usually beings at the beginning of puberty in both girls, and boys as well.

What is the average age of noticalbe signs of puberty and what are the stages in guys?

Pubic hair, Facial hair from age 9-16 But for girls it is Periods Pubic hair, ages 8-14

When should children be told about sex?

I Personally Think They Should Be Told About It At The Age Of 9-10 Because That's When They Will Start Gettin Pupic Hairs And wander What It Is.

What age girls armpit hair started?

13 years age, soon after breast buds have begun to grow.

What age should girls start shaving?

not too young but if you need to like there's alot of hair then you can But what age??

What age does your genitals grow hair?

For Boys, anywhere from age 11 or 12 to 14. For Girls, about anywhere from age 10 to 12 or 13.

What age does hair grow on girls vaginia?

The age of 12. Your breasts start to develop and pubic hair starts to grow on and around your vaginia. When u get older the hair strata to get darker longer and thicker

What age should you let your daughter start shaving?

when sh is about ten because many girls have body hair at this age

Girls armpit hair age?

well both of my friends have armpit hair and their both 11 so i guess you get armpit hair at 11 i will get armpit hair soon too.

What age will you start puberty?

you will get when you are 10 to 13. but girls get it before boys. girls develop breasts, with hair on the organs and armpits and their period. with boys just getting hair on their organs and armpits

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