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i think it is when they hit puberty so i think the horniest age of men are about 13-15 years old?

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Around his early teen years

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ofcurse when a menbecame young

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Q: What age are men most sexually active?
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What is the most fertile race of men?

Orientals are the least sexually active and least fertile. Blacks the most sexually active and most fertile. Whites are intermediate.

Is men sexually active in age after 80 years?

Yes, some men remain sexually active in their 80s and beyond. While sexual desire and function may decrease with age, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, communication with a partner, and seeking medical advice for any health concerns can help sustain sexual activity in older age.

Are men at 70 sexually active?

Clearly they are.

Who is sexually active women or men?

Both sexes are.

Is there a time in life where a sexually active man has a true advantage in the number of available and sexually active women?

well, obviously it is when he is the most sexually active. It is different for different men. Here are a few factors that affect the answer: 1. desireabillity (attractiveness) 2. Drive to want intercourse 3. If he is single or not 4. effort he puts into finding the right person (connected to #2) 5. age There are probably more but those are the main 5.

Is it still considered straight to be sexually attracted to men and emotionally attracted to women?

If you are only sexually active with men, then yes, you are straight. Don't panic!

What is the ratio of women who deepthroat?

The answer depends on the context of the comparison. Is it the ratio of women who deep throat as compared toall women;women of sexually active age,men who deepthroatthe whole population?

What do you do if your parents find out you are a very sexually active with many men?

You tell them the truth... nothing else to do

Are Turkish men sexually active?

The population of Turkey continues to increase. From that, we can at least infer that someone is.

What should sexually active men do to safeguard their health?

Men who engage in risky behaviors should have frequent HIV tests and medical examinations.

Are vaginal creams prescribed for sexually active women?

Not just sexually active women, both men and women can get yeast infections for instance, even virgins. Unless you are ill you need no medication just based on the fact that you have sex.

How do you turn on your 18 year old boy friend?

All men get "turned on" or sexually active when the female rubs their thigh.