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smoking is the devil. you will act like a complete idiot. pot smoking losers, get a life.

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Is somking a bong healthier than smoking a joint?

yes.the water in the bong cools the the smoke doesnt damage your lungs as much and gives you a better rip. i just hit mine

What is healthier a water bong or spliff?

A water bong, since you do not smoke burnt paper fumes. Also, i belive the water works as a kind of filter. But if you want to make smoking THC healthier, do some research on VAPOR smoking. You'll be glad you did.

Will smoking through a bong with something apart from water say grape juice in it make it better?

makes it look cool

Which is a less harmful between smoking weed with a bong or joint?

Bongs are less harmful than joints. Although bongs will get you higher faster / allow you to inhale more smoke at one time, joints involve you inhaling burning paper, which is less healthy than the pure smoke filtered through water a la the bong. A healthy way to smoke is vaporizing. And edibles are even healthier than that. However, all of the above are healthier than smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or eating at McDonalds. Yet marijuana is illegal and FOX News is still on TV. :(

Is smoking with pipe screens bad?

yes. -------- no, it is not. Although, smoking through a Hookah or a Water Bong would be safer.

Was Miley Cyrus smoking?

Yes, she was smoking saliva in a bong.

Does Rupert grint smoke bong?

No, that picture of him smoking a bong was just an impersonator.

Was Miley smoking bong?


In slang terms what is a 'bong hit'?

In slang terms, a 'bong hit' is the definition of taking a hit or smoking cannabis. A bong is a term for a pipe that the substance is smoked from or inhaled. One would take a deep breath and inhale through the bong, taking the effect or hit at once.

How did Daniel Mannix die?

smoking bong.

What are bong tokes?

A bong toke is synonymous to a draw on a cigarette. It is the inhalation of smoke (typically cannabis) from the bong (cannabis smoking paraphernalia).

Is putting ice in your bong bad for your lungs?

NO. But smoking is.