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first ask this friend if they are telling the truth, or if your not shure just go w/ the flow and be really good at looking for him staring!! :D good job with asking even though i am only eleven!!!

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Q: Ur friend tells u that the boy u like looks at u and seems like he's thinking about something should u believe them since everytime u look at him he's not but she says he turns away 2 fast for u 2c?
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The guy you like friend keeps looking at you everytime there together is he spying for him or what and what does it mean?

it means he wants to bang you... guys don't spy for other guys. that's a women's way of thinking

What does it mean when a friend has a dream about you?

They were thinking of you a lot recently so they might be planning something about you when they fell asleep.

How do you return something to your friend without her thinking you stole it I don't want her to think I'm mean or not her friend... or that I stole from her?

You tell her you found it where ever you found it. Simple as that.

How do you tell a friend they can't do something?

You tell them... If you were true friend you would be honest with them. But if they don't believe you let them find out the hard way

What should you do if you're bi and everytime you see your friend you want to make out with her?

make out with her

What do you do when your friend does not believe you?

Well, if you did something that would make her not trust you, you should sit down and talk with her/him about it

What does it mean when a guy whispers to his friend everytime he passes you?

most of the time it means that he is talking about you.

I have a Friend that moved somewhere in latta and i really wish she was back into Ada what should i do?

just quit thinking of sad things like a friend moving and move on to something to make you happy?

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How do you get your friend to believe you when you tell her that you are in love with a guy but she doesn't believe you?

Why does she need to believe you? Sounds childish. The only person you should be proving you love is the person you love sweetie.

What if your friend is a therapist and you noticed narcissistic traits in her what do i do?

Leave it alone. You aren't a therapist. Everyone has something; we all could benefit from therapy. You can gently try and point out that not everything is about her - but I was married to someone like this. Believe me, he didn't get it and neither will she. If you want to maintain the friendship everytime she starts up - just steer it another direction. Maybe that will get it across. Good luck!

Why when someone tell me he love me i will ignore and dislike him?

You Might not believe it because of something that must of happened with a friend or a family member