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most of the time it means that he is talking about you.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy whispers to his friend everytime he passes you?
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What does it mean when a guy clicks their tongue everytime he passes by you or when you pass by him?

it depends on the tone of the click.

Why does your friend always looking at you when you pass her or she passes you what does it mean?

that mean there in love with you or there mad at you

What does it mean when a boy knows you like him stares at you and whispers to his friends about you?

It means he likes you back, or he knows you like him, so he tells his friend.

What does it mean if your crush who knows you really like him and are obsessed with him whispers to his friend while him and his friend both look and you and then he stands behind you?

That you're in middle school and you should forget about boys for a couple of years.

What does e'ev mean?


If you have a disagreement and he gets his female friend to email you and shes rude what does this mean?

It means that everytime you have an argument he's going to run to another woman. Find a new man.

What does it mean when girls write xo to a guy she is not friends with?

Shes probably just typing xo, I wouldnt look too closely into it. If you want to find out if this girl likes you, ask a friend to ask her friend to ask her. Works everytime.

What does it mean when your neck cracks everytime you move it?

what happens when your neck cracks everytime you move it

What do you mean by friendship?

There is always someone to help you if you are in need.There is always someone's shoulder to lean on and listen to your problems. The person shares your happiness and sadness everytime. The person is your true friend...

What does it mean when you sneeze everytime you eat?

you smell

What does my dream mean when I dream about a friend and my friend is on one corner and saying that she couldn't move her legs and she can hear whispers from unknown?

its juat a dream It could mean that something bad is goin to happen or that she is hidning something from you... i had a dream my friend was having sex in MY BED with Russel howard... the was saying "just one min... nearly at the orgasm now!" ahh the strange dreams peope have huh?

The guy you like friend keeps looking at you everytime there together is he spying for him or what and what does it mean?

it means he wants to bang you... guys don't spy for other guys. that's a women's way of thinking