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Your question appears to be the concluding portion of a sentence which begins "People need..."

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Q: To be able to access information about themselves?
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To be allowed access to information about themselves?

information about Allowed access to information about themselves

Why does the narrator of EPIC 2015 describes the year 2015 as the best of times?

we will be able to access more information than ever before

Allowed access to information about themselves?

Individuals have the right to access information about themselves that is held by organizations. This includes personal data that is being processed by companies, government agencies, or other entities. Access to this information allows individuals to review and verify the accuracy of their personal data, as well as understand how it is being used and shared.

Are you able to access husbands email at work?

Most work emails have a firewall. So, employees generally can only access it themselves while at work.

How can you get the safety information on microwaves?

Safety information for your particular model will be included in the owner's manual included with the device. If you don't have access to the physical manual, you should be able to access the information at the manufacturer's website.

What is it known as when an attacker causes users to not be able to access system applications or information?


What rights do individuals have to access information about themselves?

pritty much if the carers are keeping information about you then you are legally allowed to hit them with a metal rod heated up to 89 degrees

What is Difference between access link and trunk link?

Access like carry the single vlan information & Trunk link able to carry the multiple vlan information when frames are travels from trunk mani shanker

Which role is able to able to create or change employee records in GFEBS and has access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data?

HR Employee Maintainer

Where can one find information on babyworld online?

A great way is to visit the babyworld website. On the website you will be able to access information about babyworld and its services that it has on offer.

What is information literacy within the context of academic writing?

Daily we are faced with tasks that need to be carried out succesfully and in order for that to be done it is important to be able to source out relevant information to the task at hand and be able to use it and that can happen if a person is able to recognise the information needed, evaluate or access and use the information effectively.

Where can you locate patient records from wingdale hospital in 1933?

There are no patient records available to the public; even from 1933. You might be able to find generalized information about patients in 1933 but you will not be able to access specific medical information.