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No not really i think she might like you but otherwise just inform me at what elase happens. If she does like you, Go for the opertunity. Good luck.

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Q: This girl i like keeps glancing at me does that mean she is diggn me too?
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How do I get a shy girl to like me if she keeps glancing at you often?

If she keeps glancing at you, then it most likely means that she already likes you,

How do you tell a shy girl that keeps glancing at you that you like her and that you are interested without scaring her off?

Glance at her too, smile at her, be nice to her. . .etc

If a girl keeps glancing at you does she like you?

You had just stated the glancing away part, so I would say she likes you. The Karate part doesn't hurt. But to assess this further, how long has this been happening, how often and when did you start practicing Karate, and how do her eyes look when she looks at you?

What does it mean when a guy keeps glancing at you?

It might me he likes you I dont know; a guy i like glanced at me too

Does this fifth grader like you and he keeps glancing at you and stuff but recently said he likes your friend does he like you or your friend?

probably like u but tryin to get u jealous ;)

There is this girl in school who is glancing at you what does it mean?

It is most likely she has a crush on you.Cause that's what I do to a guy I like.

What does it mean if a girl is wearing a tight dress on to your party?

It depends on how the girl is. If she's shy, she's trying to be noticed. If she's loud, she's trying to be seen. If she's always like that, they she'll dress like that because she wants the whole world to notice her.However, if she keeps glancing at you, she might be trying to impress you.

What does it mean when you see a girl you like glancing at you every day?

Dont date if ur a teen...but the awnser is she likes you

If a guy told your friend that he does not like you but keeps glancing at you whenever you go near him Does that mean he likes you?

no way to tell besides asking him. But if he told your friend he doesn't like you then it's probably a waste of time.

If a girl keeps touching you do they like you?

obviously, yes!

How do you know if he is going to ask you out?

Well you can never be sure when he is going for you, but one of the signs may be if you see him talking to his guy friends close by, and he keeps glancing at you, and he looks like he is about to make his move, then be prepared.

Does a girl like you if she keeps hitting you?

yeah most likely.