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It might me he likes you I dont know; a guy i like glanced at me too

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Q: What does it mean when a guy keeps glancing at you?
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Does it mean a guy is interested if he keeps glancing at you?

No maybe you just look funny or something if he likes you than he will talk to you

What does it mean when a guy and a girl are talking and the girl keeps glancing at his lips?

Im a girl and trust me i know that it means that she wants to kiss him.

How do I get a shy girl to like me if she keeps glancing at you often?

If she keeps glancing at you, then it most likely means that she already likes you,

If a girl keeps glancing at a guy what is going through her mind?

1) The girl thinks that guy is cuteor2)That guy is a freak and its funny 2 look at him and laugh in your mindtake it the way you want.

There is this girl in school who is glancing at you what does it mean?

It is most likely she has a crush on you.Cause that's what I do to a guy I like.

What does it mean when the number 11 keeps appearing when glancing at a clock?

If the number 11 keeps appearing when glancing at a clock, it means that either you glance at it on the 55th minute of an hour, you glance at it on the 11th hour, or it is broken and stuck on one of those two points.

If a guy told your friend that he does not like you but keeps glancing at you whenever you go near him Does that mean he likes you?

no way to tell besides asking him. But if he told your friend he doesn't like you then it's probably a waste of time.

What does that mean if one day a guy suddenly changes his seat and goes and seats right in front of a girl in a class and keeps glancing at her but doesn't even say hi to her?

Then he likes that girl or he's just a stalker

What does it mean when a guy keeps hugging you?

Most likely when a guy keeps hugging you it means they like you or they want to get closer to you

What does it mean if a guy keeps you a nickname?

nothing really

How do you know if he is going to ask you out?

Well you can never be sure when he is going for you, but one of the signs may be if you see him talking to his guy friends close by, and he keeps glancing at you, and he looks like he is about to make his move, then be prepared.

Is glanced an adjective?

No. At least not in the sense of "glancing" (looking). Glance is the noun, and glancing is a gerund noun. The word glancing can be an adjective when used to mean an indirect impact, i.e. a glancing blow.

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