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They are examples of dynasties.

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Q: The shang and han are the examples of what?
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When did Emperor Shang of Han die?

Emperor Shang of Han died in 106.

When was Emperor Shang of Han born?

Emperor Shang of Han was born in 105.

What actors and actresses appeared in Han yan bo shang - 1978?

The cast of Han yan bo shang - 1978 includes: Han Chin

What were the 4 major Chinese dynasties?

#0 Xia (mythical first) #1 Shang (historical first) #2 Zhou #3 Qin #4 Han

Who owned more land the Han Dynasty or the Shang Dynasty?


How did China's empire change in the Shang the Qin and the Han dynasties?

China's empire changed the Shang the Qin and the Han Dynasties by a timeline. This is known as a treaty.

What is shang chow han tang?

They are Chinese Dynasties

Which dynasty did Abacus come from Shang Zhou Qin or Han?

han,but it was used mostly in ming

What is Qin han zhou and Shang Dynasty?

The eastern Zhou was the golden age, and the Shang dynasty was the bronze age

What was the first ancient china dynasty?

the shang dynasty

Who were the Ancient Chinese Emperors?

SHang Early Zhov Middle Zhov Warior Qin Former Han Later Han

Shang and ming are exaples of what?

Shang and ming are examples of Chinese dynasties