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shang,qin,han, tang

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Q: What is the correct order from oldest to youngest era?
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What is the correct order for the major geological eras?

Oldest to youngest*Precambrian Era*Paleozoic*Mesozoic*Cenozoic

Which is the oldest era christian orSaka or Hijri or Vikrami?

Which is the oldest era christian or Saka or Hijri or Vikrami?

What is the youngest era in the geologic time?

The current geological era is the Cenozoic Era (65.5ma to now).

The oldest era?

Its Archeozoic.

Which describes the correct order of the geologic time scale from oldest to most recent?

ok im going to start off by saying this, the last answerer is stupid, and doesnt know what he is talking about. it goes from: PERIOD ERA EPOCH there you go ;)

How long were each of the 6 parts in the paleozoic era?

(In order from oldest period to youngest) Cambrian- 54 million years Ordovician- 44 million years Silurian- 28 million years Devonian- 57 million years Carboniferous- 60 million years Permian- 48 million years

What is oldest period in the mesozoic era?


What is the oldest era geologically?

The oldest geological era is the Precambrian period. It is the period of Earth's formation, as well as the origin of the first single and multi-celled organisms.

Which is the oldest era saka era or vikrama era?

The Vikrama Era is the earlier/oldest of the two. The Vikrama Era began about 56 BC, whereas the Saka Era started about 78 AD, roughly 135 years after the Vikrama Era.Please see the related links below for more information.

What is the oldest epoch in the Cenozoic era?

Paleocene epoch

What are the four geologic time scale eras from oldest to most recent?

The 4 eras are Cenozoic era, the mesozoic era, the paleozoic era, and the precambrian era.

What is the oldest era to the most recent?

The oldest named Era was the Eoarchean Era from 4 to 3.6 billion years ago. This was preceeded by the Hadean Eon (4,576.2 to 4,000 Ma) but this so far is not subdivided into eras.