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If the skin around your eye is having spasms, this doesn't necessarily mean anything. Sometimes there are muscle twitches that happen all over the body involuntarily.

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Q: The rim and skin around my eye is having spasms what is the cause or causes of thati have had it for 5 days and it has stoped on the 6th so far your eyeball is fine?
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What causes servere muscle spasms throughout the body?

An imbalance of electrolytes causes problems with spasms.

What causes hand cramps and spasms?

If you haven't been moving it around much,or if you have been lying or sitting on it.

What is basil cell spasms?

it is when a basil's cells start having spasms.

Why is morphine contraindicated for a patient having surgery for pancreatic cancer?

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What causes eye spasms?

mostly stress

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Where online can one find information about treating muscle spasms?

One might find information about treating muscle spasms at the online site WebMD. They have great details on the causes and potential treatments for these spasms.

What causes spasms in my left and right rib cage when i leaning left or right it feels like cramp but more painfull?

The spasms you are feeling are muscle spasms. Muscle spasms are mostly caused by dehydration so you should try to hydrate yourself to stop them.

What causes muscle spasms in face?

Muscle spasms in the face can be caused by factors such as stress, fatigue, dehydration, nerve damage, or underlying medical conditions like hemifacial spasms or Bell's palsy. Additionally, excessive caffeine intake or certain medications can trigger facial muscle spasms. It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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