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There are several possibilities here, all of them potentially LIFE THREATENING AND IN NEED OF IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

1) You may have an abcess forming that needs to be treated before it potentially threatens to obstruct your breathing.

2) You may be having an allergic reaction to something and again, it may obstruct your ability to breathe.

It may be nothing of great concern, but until you are evaluated by a professional. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW? You need to be seen by an otolaryngologist (Ear, nose and throat specialist, or at the very least by an emergency room physician.

I disagree with the above answer. I used to have a swollen pallet that practically touched my tongue but it would clear up as the day went on. It was caused from snoring. It turned out that I had sleep apnea and sometimes I would snore so hard that it caused my pallet to swell. It was a weird feeling too as it felt as though I had something stuck in the back of my throat.

If your problem is not happening upon waking in the morning then I would probably follow the advice above and get your butt into seeing a doctor quick. It could be nothing but why wait and take the chance??

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Q: The pallet is very swollen and red my throat is not sore but it is almost touching your tongue?
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What cause no sore throat but throat is swollen voice is horse?

Laryngitis, Pharyngitis and several other ailments can cause swollen throat and hoarse voice - but not soreness of the throat. Almost all of them are transient and self - limiting, though. You know the drill: Rest, lots of liquids, and aspirin or ibuprofen.

Is it possible to die from a swollen throat?

It is possible but not likely to die from a swollen throat.

What is the best way to get rid of a swollen throat?

It depends on why your throat is swollen. You may have an infection and need treatment, if you throat is swollen for more than two days I'd recommend a doctor visit. Other than that, a swollen throat from a little cough has gone away with cough drops and hot tea in my experience.

How is the throat impacted by measles?

The throat becomes red, swollen, and sore.

What causes swollen glands?

Strep throat

What does it mean when your thought feels swollen but not soar?

If your throat is swollen, but does not feel sore, it is likely glands in the throat, possibly a saliva gland has become blocked. See your doctor.

What causes symptoms of sore throat with horse voice and swollen neck gland and feeling like you have something in your throat?

sturck throat

When you swallow and it feels like your throat is swollen what is probably wrong?

When that happens to me, I am over-tired.

What causes inflammation constricted airways hoarseness and swollen glands in the throat?

can inflammation of the throat give cancer after a while, and what can i do to decrease inflammation of the throat

Can you eat fire?

you can but youll end up dying with a swollen throat

What kind of infection cause swollen lymph nodes?

throat infection.

My mom has swollen lips swollen throat shes dizzy headache and her lips are purple what is it help?

you need to phone 911 ASAP