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Laryngitis, Pharyngitis and several other ailments can cause swollen throat and hoarse voice - but not soreness of the throat. Almost all of them are transient and self - limiting, though. You know the drill: Rest, lots of liquids, and aspirin or ibuprofen.

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A horse throat is when your throat is soar

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Q: What cause no sore throat but throat is swollen voice is horse?
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What causes symptoms of sore throat with horse voice and swollen neck gland and feeling like you have something in your throat?

sturck throat

What is the homonym horse?

Hoarse - as in a sore throat makes your voice hoarse

Can screaming for a band cause health issues?

It can cause strain in your throat which will leave you open to throat infections, and laryngitis. Give your voice a rest!

Does smoking give you vocal disturbance?

Yes, smoking is the main cause of throat cancer. it can cause hoarseness on your voice..

What are some of the symptoms of pleural mesothelimoa?

Shortness of breath, issues with your throat, sore throat, swollen face, harsh voice, and shortness of breath are some symptons of pleural mesothelioma. Visit a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

What causes throat cramps?

either your glands are infected and swollen or you have been smoking and you are about to die from throat cancer unless they remove your voice box but if the cancer spreads you are going to die anyway

Is the voice box on the left side of the throat?

The voice box is medial in the throat,

What is the compound word for horse?

Hoarse - as in a sore throat makes your voice hoarse

What cause you to lose your voice when singing?

a few causes can lose voice or effect voice while singing :- 1. psychological factors such as excitement, shyness or fear of something will go wrong with throat, can practically cause voice problems. 2. Singing in high pitch, or keeping saliva in mouth and inhaling it while singing can arrest the throat causing voice problem. Riz

What is a raspy voice?

A raspy voice can be the result of many things. Smokers who have been smoking for years are likely to be portrayed or often do have "raspy voice". It has a harsh, scratchy tone to the speaking and often is spoken in a lower voice than that normally spoken with. The throat may be swollen or have a blockage that causes the person to sound like this.

What Could Be The Reason My 14year Old Son Keeps Getting A Sore Throat?

One of the main reasons for it could be a swollen throat. You should get it checked by the doctor. If it is so then try to get it operated. Based on his age he might be starting the pubescent stage where his voice is breaking

What are the thyroid cancer symptoms during its early stages?

Symptoms of thyroid cancer are a lump in the neck, changes to the voice such as hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, pain in the neck and throat, and swollen lymph nodes.