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Some more context would be helpful. This question sounds like it may be asking about antigen exposure in the field of allergic disease, but it's hard to be sure. Hypersensitivity reactions (the immune system basis for Allergies) are based on the principle that allergy follows initial sensitization to an antigen.

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The initial exposure to an antigen (allergen) that causes an allergic response is called sensitization.

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Q: The initial exposure to an antigen is called?
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Initial exposure to an antigen?

The answer is sentizitation

How long does it typically take to produce sufficient immunologic memory following an initial exposure to an antigen?

Production of sufficient immunologic memory typically takes a few weeks following the initial antigen exposure.

This cell speeds up the recognition of an antigen when it is introduced again after an initial exposure and reaction?


The y- shaped protein that is produced by plasma cells upon exposure to a specific antigen and can bind to that antigen is called a?


Is a type of immunity that develops from exposure to an antigen. This exposure results in production of antibodies.?

Active Immunity

What leads to long-term immunity in mammals?

exposure to antigen

What are characteristics of adaptations?

1-Response is antigen-dependent 2-There is a lag time between exposure and maximal response 3-Antigen-specific 4-Exposure results in immunologic memory

Can a person can go into anaphylactic shock on their first exposure to an antigen?

Yes, it is possible. It depends of course of the individual's sensitivity to that particular antigen.

How do B cells respond to the initial antigen challenge?

B cells respond to the initial antigen challenge by producing progeny cells. The progeny cells include both memory cells and plasma cells.

Which is NOT a cardinal sign of inflammation?

During the first exposure to an antigen antibodies are produced

In the primary response to an antigen the first class of antibody to be secreted is?

The class of immunoglobulin to respond to the fist exposure of an antigen is immunoglobulin class M (IgM). While Immunoglobulin G (IgG) would predominate on the second exposure.

What is an IgM antibody?

IgM is produced upon initial exposure to an antigen. For example, when a person receives the first tetanus vaccination, antitetanus antibodies of the IgM class are produced 10 to 14 days later. IgM is abundant in the blood.