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False - they do.

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Q: The combination of major tranquilizers and alcohol does not enhance the drowsiness effect of both?
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Sentences with the word enhance?

Drinking alcohol will enhance the effect of that cold medicine.

What are some Phenothiazine-derivative drugs?

Phenothiazine derivatives include tranquilizers, medications that prevent vomiting, antihistamines, and drugs used to enhance the effectiveness of anesthesia

Will drinking alcohol enhance the sideeffects of the mmr vaccine?

No, there are no drug interactions between alcohol and the meningococcal vaccine.

What can you mix with alcohol to enhance the buzz?

Mixing alcohol with other substances can be dangerous and increase the risk of adverse effects, including overdose. It is not recommended to enhance the buzz of alcohol by mixing it with other substances. It is important to drink responsibly and in moderation to avoid potential harm.

How can the use of alcohol effect your lives?

Moderate consumption of alcohol can enhance health and happiness whereas the abuse of alcohol can reduce the quality of life and health.

How does alcoholism effect your social activities?

If you drink in moderation, alcohol probably will enhance your social interactions. However, if you abuse alcohol it may be disruptive.

How alcohol affects you while you are in a nursing home?

Alcohol has often been served in nursing homes to enhance the quality of life of patients, to help them rest, and to improve their appetite.

Does soft drinks reduce the effects of alcohol?

No, they do not. As a matter of fact, they enhance these effects, since most of the soft drinks contain CO2, which helps to deliver alcohol to your blood more quickly.

Why do drug abusers take phenergan?

Because it is an antihistamine, it causes drowsiness which can either enhance the effect of some drugs such as Valium or narcotics or counteract the stimulant effect of drugs such as cocaine. In some people, phenergan causes hallucinations which is considered to be an adverse reaction.

Why is neuromin-m used?

Neuromin M is a combination Empowered right pair to enhance performance. Mecobalamin is the biologically active form of vitamin B12, which is 130-150 times more potent than Cyanocobalamin. Piracetam is a nootropic agent considered as a "smart drug", reported to enhance cognitive functions of the brain like memory, attention, intelligence, etc. Also protects brain tissue from various physical and chemical abrasions such as alcohol damage.

How is wine created?

Grapes are crushed, yeast act on the resulting juice to create ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide, the wine is aged to enhance flavors, then bottled for consumers.

How can Ecstasy be enhanced?

Ecstasy is a hallucinogen, and so is marijuana, so, smoking weed while on Ecstasy will enhance the high. Alcohol should be avoided, as it will kill the Ecstasy high.