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If you drink in moderation, alcohol probably will enhance your social interactions. However, if you abuse alcohol it may be disruptive.

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Q: How does alcoholism effect your social activities?
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A research study on the effect of alcoholism among college students would occur in which of these social sciences?


How does alcoholism effect veins?

it will kill you

Is fatigue a side effect from alcoholism?


What effect does alcoholism have on American society?

Alcoholism causes or contributes to a variety of severe social problems including homelessness, murder, suicide, injury, and violent crime. Alcohol is a contributing factor in at least 50% of all deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

What are some social predictors of alcoholism?

Someone didn't read their assignment.

What has the author Joan Mathews-Larson written?

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Who is affected by alcohol?

those who consume alcohol through out day and is always under the effect of alcohol is affected by Alcoholism

How does alcoholism effect other people?

it actually effects other peoples brain

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What activities can cause cardiovascular disease?

excessive smoking, alcoholism, not exercising, intake of fatty foods and caffeine

What is is social activities?

There are plenty of social activities including sports. Other social activities including making music in bands or choirs for example.

What are the long term effect of some people who drinks?

Memory loss, alcoholism, and liver disease.