The best black tattoo ink

Updated: 9/6/2023
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  • Intenze true black holds good and solid for a long time.
  • I find Kuro Sumi black to be great for outline and black/ grey shading, have tried others but always go back to it, as above, the intenze true black works well for tribal. Be carefull buying "ink" online, there has been a lot of fake intenze, starbrite and kuro sumi pigment getting around.
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The leading industry brand of ink that has the longest shelf life in the skin, the most vibrant hues, and the ability to go in well and solid the first pass around, is Eternal brand tattoo ink.

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The tattoo from Rob and Big is by far the best tattoo. Link Below

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Q: The best black tattoo ink
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Can black tattoo ink go over black tattoo?


What is the best black tattoo ink?

I have been tattooing for over 6yrs now and have come to find that Intenze ink is the best out there. Not just the Black but also every other color that they have.

Can you cover black tattoo ink with red tattoo ink?

only if you use blood red

Does white ink show over black ink tattoo?


Can blue tattoo ink show up over black?

sometimes if the black ink i very light, and there was a blue tattoo under it.

How do you dilute tattoo ink to make red?

Let me have a bottle of black ink and you want to do a red tattoo. The ONLY way you can do a red tattoo is to use red ink. No amount of dilution will make black ink red.

What colors of tattoo ink make black?


Can colored tattoo ink be put on top of black ink to cover up an old tattoo?

No. Black ink has to be covered with black ink.For example, if you got a tattoo that was all yellow and blue, you'd need to have it covered with darker ink. You can't go lighter, or else the old tattoo will show through.

What is the chemical equation for black tattoo ink?

The chemical equation for black tattoo ink varies depending on the specific composition of the ink. However, common components of black tattoo ink include carbon black (C), glycerine (C3H8O3), and water (H2O). It is important to note that tattoo ink formulations can differ between manufacturers.

What is the best tattoo shop in catterick garrison?

The best Tattoo Studio in catterick garrison is Slinky Ink Tattoo Studio.

Is there nickel in black tattoo ink?

No. There is no nickel in black ink. There is a concentration of iron in red ink. The majority of people that are allergic to any ink are the ones that are allergic to iron.

Will navy blue tattoo ink cover black tattoo ink?

Not completely. You may still see the black ink through the navy blue, coloured inks are opaque meaning there is colour but you can still see darker colours throuhg them. The only thing that will cover black ink is black ink. But some times you can get away with hiding it in a cover up. Have a few consultations with a tattooist in your area and see if they can design a cover up tattoo for you.