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Q: Tar deposits cover the of the lungs?
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What is tar in nasal mucus?

Chronic smokers have tar built up in their lungs. The lungs try to clean pieces of tar out, so when you cough or sneeze pieces of tar come out of your lungs.

What does tar do 2 your body?

tar provents black stuff on you lungs

How can Tar effect your body?

tar makes your lungs go bad

How do you get rid of tar in arteries?

There is no tar in arteries, just in lungs. (From smoking).

How does tar in cigarettes get on your lungs?

your lungs. quit smoking.. very bad for you.

Does tar block the lungs or make it hard to breathe?

Tar does indeed block the lungs and can make it very difficult to breathe. This is a substance that is not supposed to be there.

Are there supplements to remove cigarette tar from lungs?


What is the chemical found in cigarettes that blackens lungs?

Tar is the chemical found in cigarettes that blackens the lungs. Tar is a sticky substance that is released when tobacco is burned, and it contains various harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the lungs over time.

Why is tar bad for your health?

Tar is very bad for you and your lungs. it is inside cigarettes and smoking is very bad for your lungs (turns them black).

How do you remove tar from lungs?

The only way that tar can be removed from lungs is over time. Unfortunately, if you have been smoking for many years, some of the damage is permanent.

How much THC do cigarettes contain?

Like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke contains cancer-causing chemicals. There are 33 cancer-causing chemicals contained in marijuana. Marijuana smoke also deposits tar into the lungs. In fact, when equal amounts of marijuana and tobacco are smoked, marijuana deposits four times as much tar into the lungs. This is because marijuana joints are un-filtered and often more deeply inhaled than cigarettes.Although it may be true that marijuana smoke deposits more tar into the lungs than tobacco smoke, current evidence does not indicate that the former results in proportionally greater deleterious health affects.

Which chemical makes the lungs go black?