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Tar is very bad for you and your lungs. it is inside cigarettes and smoking is very bad for your lungs (turns them black).

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Because it is in cigarettes :D

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Q: Why is tar bad for your health?
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Is tar bad for your health?

Yes, tar is very bad for your health

Why is smoking bad for your health?

Tobacco smoking cigarettes are bad for health because it contain tar and toxins which are harmful for our lungs.

How can Tar effect your body?

tar makes your lungs go bad

Why does tar cause cancer?

Tar causes cancer because it contains a number of harmful chemicals and hazardous gases that are very bad for the environment. It is especially bad for children.

What effect does cigarette tar have on the body?

Tar coats your lungs and that's bad unless you don't mind pain and suffering.

Is gum really made of flavored tar?

No. Chewing gum is not made of flavored tar. Tar gets hard quickly. This would be impossible and not to mention very health risky and gross! Whoever told you that gum is flavored tar was just pulling your leg.

How much tar would an adult consume if they smoke 10 cigarettes a day?

Tar in cigarettes vary from 6.8 to 21.6 mg tar each. Therefore, 68.0 to 216.0 mg of tar will be ingested per day by smoking 10 cigarettes. This is a careless and irresponsible thing to do for a child while they are developing, to say the least.

How much nicotine in a pallmall menthol light?

There is 1.81 mg of nicotine in one Marlboro cigarette. The nicotine level has not changed in the Marlboro cigarettes. It has been proven that cigarette smoking is bad for a person's health.

How does tar in cigarettes get on your lungs?

your lungs. quit smoking.. very bad for you.

What is a stickysolid substance in cigarette smoke that's bad for lungs?


Is tar bad for your lungs?

Yes. tar is very bad for you and your lungs. it is a horrible black substance which coats the lining of the lungs. this makes them less capable to carry oxygen. it also contains carcinogens which can cause cancer.

What is the disease called caused by the sticky black part of cigarette smoke?

While it's hard to determine exactly what's in tar, it's clear that it causes most of the bad health effects of tobacco: Cancer.