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In need of comfort, reassurance, attention, consolation, or sex. Possibly all of those. Or feels that you need some or all of that.

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Q: Someone in a loving mood might be described as being?
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What is the word for constantly loving someone no matter what they do?

the word might be unconditional.

What is stronger being in love or loving someone?

it mean the same thing but here a lesson loving somebody mean caring about them but in your head i trying to help u out OK listen to what am saying you might need it ok

What to do when she stops loving me?

move might be difficult but you don't want to be with someone that doesn't want to be with you.

How might someone with no emotional ties be described?

apathic/stoic apathic/stoic

What is an extremely mentally ill person might be described this way?

Someone who supports charities to help others

Why might someone accuse a White woman of being a Black woman online?

Someone might accuse a white woman of being a black woman online if she is trying to pretend to be someone she is not.

How do you know whether she is loving me or not?

A) Ask her B) Have someone talk about you to her see what she feels about you i recommend a because then she knows you care if you use someone else she might think you are creeping on her

What is being kind?

Being kind is when you be nice to someone and if you do that they might be kind to you back!

What to do when you proposed to your fiend and he says that he takes you just as a good to stop loving him and be only a friend?

well you cant really stop loving someone that you love but if you give him time then he might just pull through

Why might someone be described as feisty?

As there is more than one meaning that the word feisty can have, there is also more than one reason to why someone might be described as feisty. In general, when someone is feisty he has a vivid or breezy temperament. This can either be positive or negative. When someone is feisty in a positive way he is energetic, bounce or even tenacious. The negative meaning someone is easily offended and/or stands up to any fight even if inferior in stature.

What word means more than adore you?

"Adore" is pretty much the tops when it comes to loving someone. You might say "I worship you," but that's a bit silly!

Why might someone look forlorn?

Someone might look forlorn if they had just been abandoned, were deeply sad or had recently lost someone or something very dear to them. The standard dictionary definition describes forlorn as being someone who is lonely or sad because of being deserted or abandoned.