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As there is more than one meaning that the word feisty can have, there is also more than one reason to why someone might be described as feisty. In general, when someone is feisty he has a vivid or breezy temperament. This can either be positive or negative. When someone is feisty in a positive way he is energetic, bounce or even tenacious. The negative meaning someone is easily offended and/or stands up to any fight even if inferior in stature.

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Q: Why might someone be described as feisty?
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If someone says your feisty is that bad?


How do you pronounce feisty?

The word feisty is pronounced like f-eye-s-tee, in two syllables with the stress on the first syllable. If someone is feisty, it means that they spunky and full of aggressive energy.

How might someone with no emotional ties be described?

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What is an extremely mentally ill person might be described this way?

Someone who supports charities to help others

Are Italians feisty and loud?

Italians are generally loud and feisty but why do you ask

What is the Tagalog translation of feisty?

Feisty means "palaban" or "maangas" in tagalog.

Give you a sentence using feisty?

This guy feisty, is always looking for trouble.

What is the meaning of the word 'feisty'?

The word feisty can mean touchy or full of spirit and exuberance. Some synonyms for the word feisty are energetic, vigorous, ardent, spunky, and vivacious.

How do you know if someone is feisty?

Someone is typically considered feisty if they display a strong or aggressive attitude, often in a combative or spirited manner. This can be observed through their language, behavior, or actions, which may show a tendency to stand up for themselves or assert their opinions forcefully in various situations. Additionally, they may exhibit a high level of energy and enthusiasm in their interactions with others.

How can you use feisty in sentence?

The word 'feisty' is an adjective, used to describe a noun as spirited and spunky, or touchy and quarrelsome.Example sentence: "Jenny is the feistiest horse in the stable, nobody can ride her."

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