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Guys that find black women "less" attractive is a very vague statement....
Some guys find other guys attractive...(gay)
Some guys find children attractive...(pedophiles)
There are guys that attract ONLY to "black" women or ONLY to Asian. It means nothing.

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It's a matter of opinion. Only you or your psycologist can say why you are not attracted to black women. Many people are most attracted to people who remind them of a parent or someone who was kind to them when they were young.

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Q: Some guys find black women less attractive?
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Why do women find black men attractive?

Not all women find black men attractive. A lot of women are attracted to a black mans charisma and style.

Do white women find black men very attractive?

Yes they find black men more attractive

Why can people be gay?

Because some men find other men attractive.. And some women find other women attractive.

Do Black guys like Palestinian women?

Yes, Black guys like Palestinian women. Black guys find all nationalities of women attractive.

Do most women find men that are very intelligent attractive?

some women do find intelligent men attractive. While others may not like as much.

Do women find men in tights attractive?

People are different, and as a result have different choice, desire and so on. Some women find these class of men attractive.

What hairstyle do women find more attractive on black men Dreadlocks or the short cut?


Do Black guys find Hispanic womens feet attractive?

I'm sure they would, due to the fact that Hispanic women are attractive in general.

Why do white women find black men attractive?

Well as a black man that has dated white women both domestically and internationally i think it's just human nature to find the opposite and same sex attractive. Regardless of color...and they are known to have huge dicks!

Do you find black women attractive?

Just as any race, there will be beautiful and there will be ugly females. I am attracted to women in general no matter the race.

What hairstyle do women find more attractive on a black guy Dreadlocks or the short cut?

short cut

Do Black guys find accents attractive?

Black guys find a woman with an accent very attractive.