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Q: What hairstyle do women find more attractive on black men Dreadlocks or the short cut?
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What hairstyle do women find more attractive on a black guy Dreadlocks or the short cut?

short cut

What is the best hairstyle for a thin face?

dreadlocks! ----------------------- A short haircut/style is best suitable for a thin face. It will add weight to the face and neck.

What is the name of the black female soul singer with short dreadlocks who plays a guitar?

Tracy Chapman.

What is an emo hairstyle?

an emo hairstyle can be the short black or blonde whatever you want and your bangs come across your face hiding one eye or you can have the long hair with the bang style.

What is bill kaulitz's current hairstyle?

his hairstyle is current hairstyle is a wide mohawk with short hair on the sides

What does lil Corey look like?

he has small short dreadlocks

If you have short hair will it be easy to do a scene hairstyle?

Yes, and no. It all depends on the hairstyle you are looking for. You could get extensions.

Can you have a short afro to have dreadlocks?

You can but it wont look like dreads at first

What hairstyle fits better in a person with wide forehead but round face?

You know In my opinion short, and blonde with black stripes on the back. try it out.

Are dreadlocks real hair?

They can be. You can get your real hair twisted into dreadlocks or if you hair is too short or you want them longer then your hair you can get extensions twisted in with your real hair.

How would you describe a choppy hairstyle?

I would describe a choppy hairstyle as a hairstyle with short hairs for women. This hairstyle doesn't match for every women but for those who are a bit older it would look nice.

What is a hairstyle magazine that has hairstyles for short hair?

there is short hair,and website

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