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The appendage hanging down from the roof of the mouth at the rear of the tongue is called the uvula.

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Q: Small tongue behind your normal tongue what is that?
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Is it normal to have small red bumps with white stuff on it on the back of tongue?

yes it normal

You have small spikes under your tongue like skin tags is this normal?

Probable should get that checked out...

What does a normal tongue piercing look like?

A tongue with a barbell in it.

If you lick the air does it get wet?

Technically, the answer is yes, but the structure of the question requires more explanation. The tongue is warm and moist and when exposed to normal air, there will be some evaporation and water will leave the tongue and be absorbed by the air. In that sense, exposing the tongue can be called licking and an increase of water content of the air near the tongue can be described as the air getting wet. A question with greater information content might be one that asks how much water is absorbed from the tongue when exposed briefly to air. The answer will be a very small amount, so small as to be difficult to measure and certainly too small to notice when you do it under normal circumstances.

Are bumps on your tongue normal?

If they are the same color as your tongue, YES. If they are white, NO.

What is a pale tongue?

A pale tongue is lighter in color than normal.

What are the affects of strep?

A most unpleasant sore throat, a spotted tongue (white coated with small spots of normal tongue-color showing), swollen glands, and there can be liver damage sometimes when not treated with antibiotics.

With a tongue ring is it normal for you tongue to close over the ball under your tongue?

No, its not. Go see your piercer.

What is tongue well-papillated?

It means the tongue is normal. Papillae are the tiny protuberances on the surface of the tongue housing your tastebuds.

Is it normal for a corn snake to drag its tongue on the floor?

No - that is not normal behaviour.

Is it normal to stick your tongue out when concentrating?

I don't know if it's normal, but i do it.

Is it normal if you gag when you stick your tongue far out?

Yes. Very normal. Don't do it.