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If he tells his friends about you, then you have a good chance because he talks about you to the people that he trusts most. If he asks "have you got a boyfriend" or "is there is anyone you like?", he's thinking that now would be a good time for him to ask you out.

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Q: Signs if he will ask you to be his girlfriend?
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Signs to know that your ex girlfriend still love you?

she calls, mails you and ask you out again.

How do you no if a guy likes you as a friend or as a girlfriend?

Ask him or throw out subtle signs and see how he reacts.

What are as many signs that my Crush has a girlfriend already and signs that he doesn't?

Instead of looking for signs that your crush has a girlfriend or not why dont you just ask him. He can only say yes or no. Either way its a win win situation. If he does then it lets you move on and think well he was not worth it. If he does not then it gives you the opportunity so strike up a conversation and ask him out on a date. I hope this helps you.

How do you know if my girlfriend is over her ex?

You can't "know" for sure without mind reading. You can watch for signs or ask her though.

What is road signs?

your girlfriend

What are signs that your girlfriend is lesbian?

I doubt she would be your "girlfriend" if that was the case.

Signs girlfriend is interested in ex?

hangs out with him A LOTtext him 24/7 or around 3 a.mtalk about him when hes not arounddoes anything for himwhen you guys hang out she might ask or want to ask if her ex can tag along.

What should i do i like this guy and he likes me too but he has a girlfriend should i ask him out?

AnswerIf he truly like you then he would have broken up with his girlfriend by now. Just slowly try and get over him if he shows no signs of breaking up with her and being with you instead. :)

How do you tell your girlfriend that she is your first girlfriend?

first ask her how many boyfriends she has has. then she will ask you and you will reply.

How do you turn your girlfriend into a girlfriend?

ask her out to the movies or something!

What are the signs that your girlfriend doesn't know how to kiss?

your girlfriend will turn away or will never go in for a kiss

What are the obvious signs that your girlfriend is about to leave or dump you?

they dont speak to u as much and if u ask them to do something with u they will say they are doing something else and say they cant do it with u