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Lexapro can be taken any time of the day with or without food. This answer straight from the packet instructions.

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2011-03-04 12:49:38
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Q: Should you take Lexapro on an empty stomach?
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Should colostrum be taken on an empty stomach or can it be taken with juice or food?

take it with water on empty stomach

Should Prednisone you take Prednisone on a empty stomach?


Can you take Ibuprofen on an empty stomach?

Ibuprofen should not be taken on an empty stomach. The effects may not be felt immediately if you do take it on an empty stomach, but gastrointestinal bleeding is associated with this medication....especially during long term usage.

Should you take digestive advantage lactose on an empty stomach?


Can you take dilantin with milk?

You should take Dilantin on an empty stomach.

Should Aspirin be taken with food or not?

It's recommended to take it after eating, not an empty stomach.

Can you take aspirin on an empty stomach?


Is it safe for kids to take antibiotic on an empty stomach?

Most of them should be taken after food. But a few like Roxythromycin and Azithromycin have to be taken on an empty stomach as food interferes with their absorption.

What medicine do you take if your thyroid is missing?

L- Thyroxin should be taken daily on empty stomach.

Can I take lexapro synthroid multi vitamin for iron fish tablet omege 3 at the same time?

it is safe to be on all these medications at the same time; however, you should take your synthroid by itself, on an empty stomach, at least one hour before a meal to fully absorb it. the others are fine to take all at once. personally, i take my synthroid first thing in the mornng, mvi with breakfast, and lexapro at bedtime.

Should you take panadol on a empty stomach?

People do say that taking panadol on an empty stomach is usually not very good so maybe eat some thing small like water crackers and then take a panadol.

On a empty stomach how long does it take to digest anabal tablets?

Oyu shouldn't take any tablets on a empty stomach it is really bad for you

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