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take it with water on empty stomach

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Q: Should colostrum be taken on an empty stomach or can it be taken with juice or food?
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Can you drink lemon juice in a empty stomach?


Where is food mixed with gastric juice?

Food mixes with gastric juice in the stomach, the only place gastric juice should ever be in the body unless there is gastric reflux or perforation of the stomach.

Is drinking lemon with water in morning with empty stomach is harm-full?

While it is not especially beneficial, and may cause an upset stomach if the ratio of juice to water is high, it is not harmful either.

What are the three major hormones in the digestive tract?

Gastrin, which causes the stomach to produce an acid to digest food, Secretin causes the pancreas to send out a digestive juice that is rich in bicarbonate that neutralize the acid in the stomach, and CCK that causes the gallbladder to empty by producing enzymes of pancreatic juice.

Is stomach digestive juice acidic or alkaline?

Stomach digestive juice is quite acidic.

48empty cups equals how many gallons of juice?

Empty cups = 0 gallons of juice, but you can get 3 gallons of juice into the 48 empty cups

1. When is the best timing to drink fresh fruit juice . Can I drink fresh fruit juice with empty stomach in the early morning?

You can drink fresh fruit juice anytime you feel like it.However,some juices can be extremely acidic so it is advised to water them down by 50%.Also,orange juice can react badly if followed by milk(yoghurt,milk on cereal etc..)although it may not affect everyone.It is advised not to drink grapefruit juice if taking certain,betablockers to control high blood pressure.

Why isn't the stomach affected by the gastric juice?

there is a lining of mucus around the entire stomach that prevents the gastric acid (gastric juice) from penetrating the stomach walls

Is pancreatic juice a digestive juice?

yes because it is found in the stomach

What happens when the stomach eats itself?

Why are you asking this? Anyway, when the stomach starts to eating itself, pls consult a doctor! When it started, it normally caused because of excess digestion or empty stomach. After it started, it will digest it stomach wall, causing a hole in the stomach. It is super risky as stomach contained a substance called digestive juice. When the digestive juice flowed out of the stomach through the hole, other organs is .... Somehow risky to be digest.

Why would you have stomach pain and rectal bleeding after drinking apple juice?

That question should be answered by a licensed physician.

How many cups of stomach juice does the stomach make a day?