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Yes............ Dude if your asking this it obviously means the other person upset you. A good partner would never make you feel this way

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Q: Should you let go of a relationship?
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Should you let his go his way or should stick with him?

It will depend on how a person feels if whether or not they should let him go his own way or stick with him. It depend on how emotionally attatched two people are and if something has happened to hur the relationship.

How do you get over your ex boyfriend and you had a lot in common and you still like him and he still likes you but he is dating someone else so should you go after him or let him go?

Let him go in a relationship sense. You can be freinds. Just NEVER go back to a love relationship with your X, that's a scarry place trust me

Should you break up with her?

Well, that depends? Is she good at Anal? If she is, I say stay in that relationship...

Should you give my fiance the split up to find himself after 6 years of relationship?

If he wants to go, you really must let him.

How far into a relationship should you let boyfriend finger you?

when you want him to

How do you deal with a Husband that is 17 years divorced with no children and still secretly talks to his ex and then treats me badly with each communication. Shouldn't they let go?

Unfortunately for some reason he feels bound with this past relationship - yes they should let go but if you are being treated badly in the end frankly you should let go. Putting up with that is not something you should be doing. Good Luck

How do you let go quickly?

you can let go of relationship if that boy or girl is cheating. but it always ends up that the boy is cheating

I really like this guy but he likes one of my best friends who is being really harsh to me at the moment do you think i should just let them go or try to work harder to keep a relationship alive?

Honsetly i think you should let him go if hes not into you then theres no point in chasing after him.

Should you go into college in a relationship?

If you want to, you can. Do it if you are in a deep relationship.

How can you get your ex-boyfriend again eventhough he had already someone else?

Unfortunatley if he has moved on and is in a relationship with someone else at this time there is nothing you can do nor should do as he is where he wants to be at this time. Let them be, let go and move on.

Should you let your Cancer man go again or wait?

You need to sit him down and talk to him about your relationship with him before making any serious decisions.

If you have specific thoughts and behaviors and you are always a victim in a relationship how can one let go and live a better in any relationship?

You must learn why you are always the victim in your relationships. A good therapist should be able to help.