Should you call your crush If he said to call him?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no you shouldnt, wait until he calls you because he knows you WILL call him if he tells you to.

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Q: Should you call your crush If he said to call him?
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Should you call your crush that you rejected?

Yes totaly!

My stepbro asked my crush out on the phone for me heres what my crush said why did you interrupt me she should ask me out herself at school so what should i do?

Ask your crush out at school. Do that and see what happens.

If your crush is dating someone else should you break them up?

If the said crush is currently happy with the person they are with then no. If you truly care about your crush, you will let them be happy with the person they choose.

If your crush put his arms around you but said it was for a game what should you do?

usually I would faint

Is it rude to call your guy crush dad's cell phone to talk to them?

it depends if the guy said it is fine to do it, if they never said anything about it and you are doing it out of random then it can be received as rude.

Why do they name One Direction?

before one direction was famous, they came up with a song called millions of girls and one of the dudes had a crush on a girl and he asked his crush what his band name should be. she said "pointing arrows. they all face one direction." "ill call it one direction"

My crush's best friend (let's call him t) said that my crush (let's call him alex) liked me in my class even though Alex was right in front of me after that Alex buried his head in his hands and his friends laughed at him. Would T be telling the truth?

Yes I think so, because it seems like your crush is probably embarrassed.

Is it ok to call your crush hobnocker?

Lol you call your crush hobnocker?! That's so cute :) it's fine as long as he/ she is fine with it! Enjoy your crush

In gym my crushes friend yelled out and asked if i liked my crush then he said his friend likes me should i believe him?


What do you do after you get your crush's number?

You call them.

Does Nina Dobrev have a Crush?

It is said that Nina Dobrev has a Crush on Paul Wesley.

Had a powerful dream of a previous crush and you never dream bout your finace?

Either call it off with your fiance and go to your crush and tell them you like them or get more sexual with your fiance. That should help.