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I think the girl will say "no" because if she liked you, she probably would have told you so, instead of aww. But just in case she likes you, even a little bit, don't give up your chase, tell you what you think about her in person.

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Q: Should you ask a girl out that said aww after you said you like her over text?
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Should you go for a girl that said aww after you said you like her over text?

yes that probably means they like you

How do you get a girl to like you when she said no?

Unfortunately if she said no, you might have to accept her decision. you should never have to change who you are for a girl. The right girl will love you just the way you are.

A girl said she wants to dump her bf and then she said she wasn't and now she said she doesn't like him I like her and I think she lkkes me what should I do?

If you like a girl that has a boyfriend then you shouldn't do anything. You should put yourself in his place and think about how you would feel if someone was going after your girl. If she didn't like him, she wouldn't be with him.

This girl has a BF but when we hung out she was all over me Hugging and touchy and said she loved me pause as a friend and I like her what do I do does she like me We also dated b4 but only 1 day?

You should not have a type of relationship with the girl if you know that she has a boyfriend.

My girl friend said that I don't like your careness what is it mean?

It means she doesn't like you anymore! Get over it. :)

Should you go for a girl that said aww after you told her you like her over text?

ya me being a girl i say aww when a guy says that or says somthn that makes me feel special so if i were u go after ur girl

How do you if a girl is over you Because I really like another girl and she said that she would go out with me when my ex is over me?

Answer If you no longer have a thing for your present girlfriend, why not be a man, and end it, then you can go out with the other girl.

What does it mean when a girl says aww after you said you like her over text?

It means............................................................UR BUTT

Your friend told the girl you like you like her she said well tell him then stopped talikng when she saw you she then said she like different guy does she likeme?

You should just talk to your friend

What do you do if a girl you like goes after your best friend after you said you don't like her?

Why'd you tell her you don't like her? Stupid move. You should tell her you do like her.

What is a good sentence with were in it?

Were you over there? Said the girl.

Me and my friend like the same girl he has previously dated she said she liked both of us wat should I do?

I think you should just forget about it and just find another girl that really likes you and you really like her