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Q: What does it mean when a girl says aww after you said you like her over text?
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My girl friend said that I don't like your careness what is it mean?

It means she doesn't like you anymore! Get over it. :)

Should you go for a girl that said aww after you said you like her over text?

yes that probably means they like you

I was texting a girl I like and her friend stole her phone and said that she loved me. When I asked the girl about it she said her friend . Ignore this found a better way to say it?

And she said no. What does that mean? Sorry this is not an answer I just ran out of room had to do it like this.

How do you if a girl is over you Because I really like another girl and she said that she would go out with me when my ex is over me?

Answer If you no longer have a thing for your present girlfriend, why not be a man, and end it, then you can go out with the other girl.

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend calls you the goodbye girl?

Well........ He's your ex and think it means he said goodbye, that it's over.. you said goodbye....

I like a girl. so i proposed to her initially she said no. even though i repeatedly met her. then the next time she said why dont you marry some other girl. what it does mean?

It might mean that she won't to know why you love her, and why you want to marry her and not any other girl.

A girl I like likes her friend's cousin but she said I look like him does this mean she likes me?

well it could but it may mean u just look like the guy she likes

How do you get a girl to like you when she said no?

Unfortunately if she said no, you might have to accept her decision. you should never have to change who you are for a girl. The right girl will love you just the way you are.

What is a good sentence with were in it?

Were you over there? Said the girl.

What does B.o.B mean when he said and just like that girl you got me froze like a Nintendo 64?

He means he is frozen on that one girl and will never leave her no matter what other girls do or say

He said i love you there is no other girl he wants to be with what does this mean?

It means exactly what he said. He loves you and doesn't want to be with any other girl out there. So take advantage of that and go for him. If you freak out over it then he may change his mind. Go for the gold.

I heard my girlfriend saying that another guy was hot I told her that I didn't like when she said that and she said it doesnt mean anything. So what does it mean if she calls another guy hot?

was that guy handsome? if was you might be in big trouble, ok? try to convince your girl friend by doing nice stuff for her..Would that mean you like your girlfriend less if you saw a hot girl and told your friends about the hot girl??