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An Experienced Brother Teaching His Sister How to Kiss?There is nothing wrong with you teaching her, but teach her to kiss on the mirror or back of her hand. It's not appropriate for you to become 'too personal' with your sister. Let mother nature take over the rest. You're her brother so while you are at it teach her how to tell a guy she isn't ready for sexual intercourse and be sure she knows about sexually transmitted diseases.

ew this is totaly discustinq!!!!!

you quys are qoinq to have babys with 11 toes!!!

thats discusting! she doesn't need to be taught, if it is with the right person then it should just come naturaly :P

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Q: Should an experienced brother teach his younger sister how to kiss on the lips and french kiss if she wants to learn before kissing with her first bf and asked her brother to teach her?
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