Not sure if you like a girl?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If your not sure take time and decide but do not lead her on.

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Q: Not sure if you like a girl?
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How do you get a girl to know for sure that you like her?

Tell her you like her.

How do you be sure you like a girl?

kiss her if u like it than u like her

You like a girl but not sure if she likes you?

ask her directly

Is a jeep a girl car?

Sure if you like a jeep.

How do you make this boy like me i am a girl i think he wants me but im not sure?

They will like you for who you are!

Does harry styles like a girl with a funny laugh?

I'm sure that Harry would like any girl with a sense of humour :)

How can you tell a girl that you like her a lot when you are not sure she likes you?

it depends on the girl, like if she like bold then just tell her you like her if she like nice then be her bff and ease your way into bf.

Does Justin bieber like the name Kennedy?

I'm sure that Justin would like any name a girl has. A name doesn't matter to him, personality is all that counts. I'm sure he would like a sweet girl named Kennedy, but not a mean girl named Kennedy.

Is it Normal to like girls?

Sure it is, if your a guy. Honestly I dont think it is that normal for a girl to like a girl, but you can never change your thoughts. -Tgmhc

What to say when a girl asks if you like her but your not entirely sure?

Be honest about how you feel.

If Im 10 and the girl I like is 9 should you kiss her?

sure why not?

Do guys like gossip girl?

Yes....... I am almost 100% sure