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Each person has a different delay period after having an IUD removed. Some people may have a normal period right after the removal while others may not for up to a year. A doctor will need to be seen to make sure everything is okay with the delayed period.

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Q: Normal for delay period after IUD removal?
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Can IUD removal cause twins?

I had the mirena iud for 5 years.... two weeks after removal i got a normal period, and then became pregnant with twins. There are twins in my family, so im not sure if the mirena removal is what caused the twins but it is certainly suspect.

You have the IUD for 5 years you missed your period this month is that normal?

Missing a period once in five years is normal with or without the IUD.

What can cause a delayed period in a 41 year old woman who has a copper IUD?

A copper IUD will not delay your period. The same things can cause a delayed period in women with or without the copper IUD. These include pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations.

Is it normal after IUD removal to not have a period for two months and then have one that lasts a month and counting?

NO! IUDs can have terrible side effects, and you need to see your doctor immediately!

Is it normal after IUD removal to have normal periods for three months then spotting the fourth month?

Your menstrual pattern four months after IUD removal is not related to the IUD. Take a pregnancy test, since your period in the fourth month without birth control was only spotting. If you continue to have spotty periods even with a negative pregnancy test, you can call your health care provider for advice if it's concerning to you.

Do you need to check actinomyces with Mirena removal?

Checking for actinomyces is not part of the normal standard of care for IUD insertion or removal.

What is the cpt code for IUD removal failure?

Code the IUD removal CPT with a -53 modifier.

Can it hurt you if your IUD is 3 years past removal?

While the hormonal IUD can't be relied on for birth control after its removal date, there is no harm in leaving the IUD in place after its removal date.

Does Arkansas medicaid cover the removal of Mirena IUD?

All Medicaid programs cover removal of an IUD.

I have had the marina IUD in for about a year now but for some reason your nipples have been very sensative lately and you havent had a period for this month is this normal?

The Mirena IUD causes most people to stop having a period, so yes, this is normal.

Can you charge for an IUD follow up appointment?

Yes, it's normal to charge for an IUD follow up appointment if it's not in the global period.

Is it easy to get pregnant after IUD?

Fertility returns to your baseline after removal of the IUD. Whether it's easy to get pregnant after removal depends on your fertility, not the IUD.